Woodworking is a great way to pass the time and make something meaningful in the process. The skill originated in ancient Egypt and has stuck around ever since. In today’s world, it is being popularized as a hobby to indulge in your free time at home. People who give the pursuit a try claim it is a tangible way of blowing off stress after a long day. Whether you like whittling just as a diversion or you consider it your passion, one question must have entered your mind.

Can I monetize my woodworking skills while working at home?

The answer is yes. There are various avenues today that you can use to make a respectable amount of money with your woodworking skills. Today, this article aims to brief you about these avenues and suggest some great ways to start as a woodworker.

Freelance Woodworking

As a skilled woodworker, you can always become independent and be self-employed. More people are freelancing than ever before because it has the potential for good revenue and lets you take control of your life.

Woodworking and carpentry are in demand skills that society needs. It will not be difficult to advertise yourself and find prospects that want your help. An effective strategy would be to get small jobs first that can help you build your rapport one at a time while having a supplementary income. The smaller projects will have customers talking about you with their friends and neighbors. Once you’ve gained popularity in your area, your business can genuinely boom, and big jobs will start rolling in. People today are always looking to improve the way their house looks or entirely revamp it. This calls for an adept professional like you.

If you want to turn your local hobby into a flourishing career, the internet is here to help you. You can make social media accounts where you can talk about your services. Use videos and photographs to display some of the custom projects that you have made for previous customers. It takes a little time to build your social media presence, but it will help your business thrive if done right. Given that, other websites serve as a medium between the consumers and service-providing professionals.

If your business continues to grow, consider making a website made for yourself. You can automate your hiring process and get more work quickly, all from the comfort of your home!

Build Custom Projects

The interest in articles and furniture made of wood has always been a trait of a specific demographic. The number of people looking forward to getting their customized woodwork is also on the rise. Thus, custom projects can be a way to produce a sizable income, making projects precisely the way people need.

People look forward to having their dream home where everything is according to their tastes and preferences. This requires the aid of a skilled artisan, and that is where you come into the picture. Whether it’s a personalized cabinet or a wardrobe, woodworkers go a long way in building that perfect home. As a craftsman focused on a customized project for a customer, you must keep their satisfaction in mind. To ensure that, offer the client reasonable rates, always ask for feedback, and ensure that whatever you’re carving bodes well with them.

Wood is also a viable resource that enhances the complete look of the interior of a house. Again, to increase your sales, use social media platforms to display your custom-built projects. Display testimonials from your customers on your accounts and your website to build a good reputation that will help you generate more business.

Sell Your Products

As a master artisan, you can always sell the wooden articles, furniture, and decorative pieces that you make. It not only allows you to earn a good income, but it also lets you explore and evolve as an artist. In the process, you slowly expand your business and turn woodworking into a full-time profitable endeavor inside the four walls of your home. The woodworking community is constantly on the rise, and with some reliable products, you can easily make a place for yourself.

For this purpose, you can turn your garage into a makeshift shop where you can sell your pieces. Be it furniture, home decor, or wooden tools, the craft of woodwork has a sizable market. People are always looking to get wooden pieces into their homes as they have a distinct, defining, retro look. Once your customer base expands, you can consider renting a shop if that’s on the cards. Social media can again prove to be crucial for your woodwork venture. You can sell your products with the local classifieds or set up shop in the weekly marketplace near you. Choose your best bet.

The challenge with this is making products that can sell. With a bit of research, you can easily find out the best selling products in your location and work according to that. Generally, people look forward to buying patio furniture, like chairs, benches, breakfast tables, wooden articles, and hangings that can serve as centerpieces for the living room. You can even sell kitchen tools like cutting boards, cutlery stands, and hanging shelves. Customers are constantly looking for personalized wooden art too. If that comes under your skillset, you can make a good deal of money.

Another avenue for selling your products at decent rates is selling them online. Different prominent e-commerce websites like Amazon.com and Etsy.com offer seller programs you can use to sell your wares. Etsy is an exclusive platform that connects buyers directly with sellers and makes an excellent base for selling your products. With these websites, you can enlarge your customer base exponentially. The Amazon seller program lets you display your products on the site for sale. In return, Amazon cuts a small commission on every item you sell. On Etsy, there is more room for customization as it puts you directly in contact with the customers. The customers can then communicate with you and ask for a personal touch to the items you’re selling.

There are other platforms like ArtFire, specifically designed to serve as a podium for artists who want to sell their products. It allows you to set up an online shop on the website to display and sell all your products with a meager fee to ArtFire. ArtFire has been made for artists and art enthusiasts. The platform can help you find the right audience for your wares. Another website made particularly for freelancing services is Fiverr. Fiverr has seen a big boom in recent times and has a broad consumer base. Provide something unique to the community, and the community will pay dividends. The customer base is highly active on all these platforms and can prove a breeding ground for your business. Facebook marketplace will also allow you to interact with a host of buyers and can be the best place to showcase your wares for a starter.

To make your products more attractive, consider elevating the quality of the photographs of the products that you post on the website. Offer the clients customization for reasonable rates to build trust and deliver the best final product. You also want to keep your prices friendly and competitive so that you and your customer can be on the winning note with the deal.

Furniture Restoration

This is a great way to start your career as a woodworker at home. You can procure worn-out furniture for low prices or free from recyclers and then restore them to their former glory. These re-established furniture pieces and wooden articles make good wares to sell on an evening bazaar or online.

This is an easy and excellent way to make meaningful profits to fund your woodworking dream and expand your skills as a craftsman. This idea would be a wise choice for beginners as you won’t have to spend a lot of your capital and time procuring resources for a new project. Instead, you can hone your skills with restoration work and better prepare yourself for new, from-the-scratch projects.

Preach your skills

If you are a seasoned woodworker, then it is a noble thought to acquaint others with the world of woodworking. For that, you can become a woodworking coach and teach others the skillful art of making items out of wood. This can be a stable income stream and, at the same time, can help you give something back to the woodworking community. As already established, woodwork is on the rise and, at this juncture, needs more artisans to take part in the movement. With your teaching career, you’ll be able to create able woodworkers to give impetus to this.

More and more young people are developing an interest in this field, which can be advantageous for you. You can have a woodworking class in your backyard and teach kids and even adults how whittling works. You can slowly grow this fledgling venture into a woodworking academy and spread your woodworking etiquette. Again, it cannot be stressed enough that social media is a handy tool for your growth.

If that’s not quite possible for you, you can teach online. There are various ways you can go about it when it comes to teaching this skill-based art online. You can open up a YouTube channel to get the word out. Start posting easy, step-by-step explanatory videos that will help your audience build woodworking projects themselves. This can be an added supplement to your offline woodworking projects. YouTube can help you garner views for your skills and increase the chances of landing more students and apprentices.

Websites like Udemy and Coursera that offer courses in different fields can be a good bet for online teaching. On this medium, you can create and sell courses for free. Creating a course on these is pretty easy, and you can earn a fair share of money from this. Whether it’s the basics of the woodworking world or a specific difficult-to-master skill that you want to teach, you can easily do it on these websites. With social media marketing, you can promote your journey of teaching woodwork to others.

During this process, your social media accounts and website can be helpful as it lets you publicly announce your plans, courses which can attract more consumers.

Stream Your Work

Online video streaming on websites like Twitch has become the rage. Although dominated by sports and video games, Twitch has a refuge for the humble woodworking community. Twitch works using a subscription system to channels that can help a streamer earn a little money. Streamers like Broxh have carved out a name for themselves on platforms like these with their innate talents and intricate skills.

It is agreeable that this is not a massive moneymaker for a woodworker. However, it allows you to earn a little extra money while working on your real-world custom orders and projects. At the same time, it helps you connect to people from all over the world and let them know the prospect of the fantastic art of woodworking. This way, you get the opportunity to introduce people to the world of woodworking and motivate them to subscribe to your courses.

Woodworking can be physically tedious and requires immense amounts of energy and patience. It is advisable to keep in mind that all of these courses of action require a lot of time and effort. Perseverance is a must to make a name for yourself in the industry, but that is true for all fields of work. To make the best woodwork, you need the best tools and implements in your arsenal. Make sure you are well equipped before taking projects and work your way towards customer satisfaction. Irrespective of which way you choose to go, it is imperative that you constantly work on refining your skills and become a better woodworker in the long run. Given that you can put in the work to grow as a woodworker, we assure you these are some surefire ways to make money doing it from home.