Router plates allow you to work with extra precision and safety. Because these factors are so important, choosing the right plate is essential. This guide will introduce some of the best choices out there for router plates.

1. POWERTEC 71022 6-1/2-Inch Universal Router Plate

This router plate sold by POWERTEC is an affordable choice. It is made of clear acrylic and has holes in various positions to help with compatibility with many standard routers, increasing control and safety when working on your projects.

You can easily see through the plate while working. This makes working with precision much easier than with an opaque plate, although the plate might not be as durable as steel ones. However, if you require visibility, this option is up to the task.

This router plate can be used for a variety of functions, such as template-routing, trimming, shaping, grooving, inlaying, and more. You can boost efficiency of these functions through its extra precision offer. Saving time is valuable and allows you to finish your projects quicker, thus optimizing your workflow.

Compatible routers are sold by brands like Porter Cable, Ryobi, Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, DeWalt, Craftsman, and many more. This router plate is made in the USA, and the quality is excellent. If you want a plate that increases precision, this is a great, affordable choice.



  • See-through design helps with precision
  • Very sturdy fit when attached
  • Compatible with many routers sold by major brands
  • Reduced tipping
  • Light weight


  • Not as durable as steel or metal plates
  • Centering pin might not work

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2. Rousseau 3509 9-Inch x 12-Inch x 3/8-Inch Deluxe Router Base Plate

This router plate offered by Rousseau is made of thermoset phenolic plates, making it more lightweight. However, it is still able to fit some of the heaviest routers well. It also has removable rings if you require a larger area to work with.

The removable rings allow for the openings to become 2-5/8 inches or 3-7/8 inches, and are easily replaced. This allows you to use the router plate with various makes and models sold by different brands, showing that it was designed with flexibility in mind.

The openings also accept template guides, and you can work your material to achieve the desired effect this way. The shoulder pin that comes with the plate can fit in any of the five locations designed to accept it, so freehand work is much easier. But with a mold that ensures the center is always the highest point, the plate is not completely flat.

Should the plate not completely fit the router, it comes with four corner snugglers to help with secure mounting. This ensures that the plate does not get thrown off the router or suddenly detach when there is excess movement, allowing for perfect and tight compatibility.



  • Phenol reduces weight
  • Removable rings allow for versatility
  • Works with many routers
  • Can be secured to routers through included snugglers
  • Accepts template guides


  • Not completely flat
  • Can warp
  • Removable rings can be hard to remove unless a mallet is used
  • Levelling system needs some extra work

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3. Bosch Adapter Plate 2610938414

Made of aluminum, this router plate offered by Bosch is a great accessory tool for woodworking. However, it will only fit the Bosch RA1171 and RA1181 models, as this is a specialized product and accessory. If you have one of those models, this plate will surely be beneficial to you.

The aluminum construction ensures that it will last longer than materials like plexiglass, which can crack after long periods of use. It also weighs two pounds, showing how thick and solidly made Bosch designed it to be. As it only fits on two Bosch models, this plate will not work with other routers without modification, but the official products it was designed for will fit perfectly.

The router plate comes with pre-drilled holes, so you easily attach it to your table. Also on the surface are very easily-read measurements (in inches) for those times when you don’t have a free hand to hold a ruler with, allowing you to devote both hands to stability and precision.

The surface is rather rough for a plate, however, and some reviews have stated that sanding the surface down will help. This is done to reduce the friction of the material with the plate. The product does not come with mounting screws, so you will have to procure some for yourself.



  • Aluminum construction is much more durable than plastics and composites
  • Very solidly-machined
  • Allows for many router bits
  • Fits Bosch RA1171 and RA1181s perfectly
  • Conveniently-placed measurements for easy and precise use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Does not fit other router tables without modification
  • Does not come with mounting screws or other accessories
  • Rough surface needs sanding down

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4. Kreg Tool Precision Router Table Insert Plate w/Level-Loc Rings (PRS4036)

Kreg Tool offers this versatile router plate, which fits different tables of various companies. The main plate is made of metal, while the internal removable rings are phenol. It also comes in three versions that you can choose from depending on your specific needs.

Its rugged construction provides a level and flat surface for your router, allowing you to perform your woodworking jobs with the same level of precision as using the native table surface. As it is a modular plate, it will easily fit almost any router sold, even the larger and heavier ones. The holes on the surface are also pre-drilled, so no getting confused by which type of holes are for which routers. You can also modify them if needed.

The rings in the middle are removable, and slide into place easily. With the use of an included ring wrench, you can fasten the rings to the plate securely. The rings are both level with the main plate’s surface and flush, so there is no space for larger debris to clump up in.

With three rings included with this router plate, you can accommodate many different needs and purposes.

The three available versions you can get include an undrilled plate, one drilled for Triton routers, and one drilled for Bosch and Porter-Cable routers (the version written about here). You can choose the one that suits your needs easily.



  • Can fit even the largest routers
  • Removable rings for versatility
  • Very tough construction
  • Flat and level surface
  • Three versions to choose from
  • Undrilled version if the other two don’t fit your router
  • No confusing holes


  • No other predrilled options
  • Not very modular out of the box
  • Undrilled version may require modification
  • Phenolic plate might not be perfectly flat

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5. Kreg Tool Precision Router Table Insert Plate w/Level-Loc Rings (PRS4034)

This is another version of Kreg Tool’s router plate, but unlike the one above, it is drilled for Triton routers instead. This means that it will not work with other routers without modification. It also visually differs from the above version drilled for Bosch and Porter-Cable routers.

In this version, there are fewer holes on the surface due to the design of Triton routers. However, with some modification, you can make them fit routers of the Porter-Cable 7500 series as well.

This version of Kreg’s router plate is identical in just about every other way to the other Kreg options. It is made with the same materials, with metal for the main plate and phenol for the removable rings. The same rings are included in this package as in the other version, and the same tools are available to help fit the rings as well.

Using screws, you can easily fasten the router plate to your table and start working. Overall, it is very similar to the router plate discussed above.



  • Very specialized for Triton routers
  • Can be modified if desired
  • Tough construction
  • Removable rings are good for versatility
  • Very flat and level
  • No confusing holes to worry about


  • Only made for Triton products
  • Might make the router wobble
  • Obscures the on/off switch

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Router Plate Buyer’s Guide

We realize that trying to decide between these options is not as easy as it sounds. To help you save some time, we will further highlight the important points to consider when looking for the best router plate for your needs. Please read on for a quick breakdown of what’s available.

See-through, affordable plate

The transparent router plate sold by POWERTEC is a great option if you want a plate that you can see through. Unlike the other plates in this list, you are not blocked from looking at the covered material. With this feature, you can have increased precision over your actions. POWERTEC’s router plate is also very affordable and fits many of the routers sold in stores and online.

Overall, if you want a transparent and cost-effective option, this is the right choice for you.

Non-metal, affordable plate

Rousseau’s router plate is also a non-metal plate, like the POWERTEC plate above, though it is not transparent and costs a bit more. The difference is that it has a modular design in the middle, particularly the detachable rings for versatile routing jobs. There are also no extra holes like the one sold by POWERTEC.

The concentric rings let you tailor the plate to the task at hand, and they can be fitted with template guides for specific shapes. Should the plate not fit the router, the included snugglers will let you secure the plate so it will not interfere with your routing.

Should you need a more flexible option for your router plate, this is a very affordable and versatile plate.

Bosch only

While the Bosch adapter plates only fit Bosch RA1181 and RA1171 routers, they do their job very well. The aluminum is very solid and does not bend or warp easily. The surface may need some sanding before use, as it can be rough, but that is not a very serious problem.

If you have a Bosch RA1181 or RA1171, then this is the official accessory for you. And it works very well!

No-nonsense, solid design

Both routing plates sold by Kreg Tool are dependable, no-nonsense products. The fact that there are no unnecessary holes is a plus if you already know what router you intend to attach them to. The holes can also be modified should the need arise.

These plates are a perfect fit for the products each version is designed for, and offer a level and flat surface when working. The removable rings work great for added versatility as well. With the added precision and safety provided, you cannot go wrong with the options offered by Kreg Tool.


Routing plates are very important accessory tools to have when working with wood. With one of these excellent options in your kit, you will certainly be able to work with more accuracy, safety, and ease. We hope that this review will help you on your journey to find the best router plate out there! Good luck!